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Sacramento Bee made special notice of Millers’ debut as director of the Sacramento Theatre Firm of their review of the theatre company’s October 2010 presentation of The Significance of Being Earnest, writing The significance of this Earnest lies in its significance as director Matt Okay. Miller’s debut as STC artistic director and as the corporates season-opening production. Although Miller didn’t choose the comedy or a lot of the STC 2010-11 season, he recognizes his good fortune in the playbill, noting Earnest is as close to idiot-proof as a play will get. In Millers’ return to the character of Scrooge in December 2010, Sacramento Press writes, It’s the portrayal of Scrooge that makes the distinction between a good and amazing manufacturing of A Christmas Carol. Luckily for STC, they’ve Matt K. Miller, an impressive and experienced Scrooge. They noted that Miller’s transition from Scrooge, the miser, to the loving and generous Scrooge could be very believable.

This page was last edited on 19 December 2022 at 07:54 UTC. With the demise of Newtype USA in February 2008, it was cited because of the English-language anime magazine with the very best distribution and sales across North America. In 2009, he wrote and starred in the solo show Matches & Elements: My Life in Phases, a memoir of his career as a working actor and voiceover artist for Japanese anime. His greatest-recognized voice function in anime was Tenchi Masaki in the Pioneer dub of Tenchi Muyo. Miller has carried out voice work in quite a few film and trigun store television initiatives but is healthier known as a stage actor and playwright who has performed with the Royal Nationwide Theatre of Nice Britain, Sacramento Theatre Company, Sierra Repertory Theatre, and Foothill Theatre Company.

They also made me aware of Miller having adapted the play slightly so that it moved briskly. 2009: John Gassner Award for his play Beat Apart Apollos Arrow. Additionally, in 2009, Miller wrote Beat Aside Apollos Arrow, for which he received a John Gassner Award. Matthew Kermit Miller, born February 2, 1960, is an American actor, stand-up comic, and playwright. He is also called Kermit Miller and Kermit Beachwood. February 6, 2022, Could 1, 2022 thirteen Adaptation of the Shenmue video sport sequence by Yu Suzuki. Music for Wild Arms 5, the only video recreation title the place Naruke didn’t contribute, was offered by Kouda together with series newcomer Noriyasu Agematsu. Hudson, Jeff September 9, 2010. New chief, classic exhibits: Matt K. Miller takes the reins at STC.


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